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Zynga creates its own standalone social gaming network, Zynga With Friends

"Imagine a familiar, consistent social lobby where players access our games."

zynga with friends
zynga with friends

Zynga announcesZynga With Friends

Zynga With Friends will create a standalone social network through which players of Zynga's titles can get together, play and create their own communities without being bound to any particular platform.

Zynga With Friends, a new social "lobby," will be available as a portal through Facebook on the web and on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Throughout the Zynga Unleashed 2012 press conference, Zynga representatives stressed a desire to create a consistent experience through Zynga With Friends.

"Imagine a familiar, consistent social lobby where players access our games. That's our vision for Zynga with friends," said Manuel Bronstein, general manager at Zynga.

Manuel also described Zynga With Friends as "One network, one unified experience, one social lobby that will for the first time connect all our players no matter where they're playing."

Other features announced at the press conference include leader boards and the integration of Zynga's Social Stream, which first appeared as a feature on

Using the Social Stream, players can chat with friends or a group of friends, view a lifetime history of games within a profile and initiate multiplayer — including synchronous multiplayer. Players' friends will be able to see the games you're playing, and you will also be able to use Social Stream to connect to new players.

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