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'The Walking Dead' Episode 2 hits June 27th for Xbox 360, June 29th for PS3 and PC

The episodic zombie apocalypse continues in "Starving For Help"

The Walking Dead - Episode 2
The Walking Dead - Episode 2

The Walking Dead video game continues with Episode 2 "Starving For Help."

The episodic video game version of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead gets a new episode starting tomorrow, June 27th, Telltale Games announced today.

The second episode, "Starving For Help," comes to Xbox 360 first. The episode then hits the PlayStation 3 and PC on Friday, June 29th. The Walking Dead fans in Europe will have to wait a bit longer for the PS3 release of Episode 2, as the release date for that region is still to be announced.

Three additional episodes are planned for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book version of Kirkman's zombie apocalypse.

In this spoiler-laden video, Telltale outlines the variety of player choices available in The Walking Dead Episode 1 "A New Day." Those player choices will have repercussions on the storyline of the second episode (and future episodes), leading to multiple story threads and conclusions.

The Walking Dead Episode 2 will cost $4.99 USD for players who are purchasing the game's chapters piecemeal.

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