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'Team Fortress 2' Pyromania update adds six new weapons

Spot the movie references in Team Fortress 2's latest update.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2

Meet the Pyro's new weapon and more new stuff for Team Fortress 2.

Valve's "Pyromania" update to Team Fortress 2 continues today with the reveal of not one, not two, but six new weapons coming to the free-to-play shooter. The update also gives Team Fortress 2 fans another glimpse – a single, The Matrix-inspired new frame – of tomorrow's "Meet The Pyro" video.

Team Fortress 2's "Pyromania" update will usher in two new weapons for the Scout, the health-boosting Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol and Baby Face's Blaster, a new shotgun that boosts accuracy, but slows the fleet-footed class. The Sniper's arsenal expands with the critical hit-focused Cleaner's Carbine sub machine gun and The Hitman's Heatmaker, a decapitating sniper rifle. The Soldier has a new rocket launcher option, the Beggar's Bazooka, which fires multiple rockets at once.

The class at the center of the update, the Pyro, also has "a new toy." The new Scorch Shot knocks back targets and sets enemies on fire within a certain radius.

Four of the six new weapons are community made creations, Valve notes in the update. They'll get a cut of the proceeds from item sales in Team Fortress 2's Mann Co. store, should anyone choose to pay real money for said weapons.

Valve announced yesterday that the Pyromania update would bring with it at least one new map, Doomsday, built around a new game mode.

Tomorrow, Valve promises to release "Meet the Pyro," the latest in its long-running "Meet the Team" video shorts, alongside Team Fortress 2's new "Pyromania" content.

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