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'Zombie Playground' meets funding goal on Kickstarter

Zombie Playground
Zombie Playground

Zombie Playground Kickstarter reaches $165,000 in crowd funding.

Zombie Playground, the online team-based, action arena game that pits zombies against elementary school kids – a game that is definitely not for kids – has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal, ending with a $167,590 haul.

That means the game has met Massive Black's $100,000 milestone minimum, but did not reach the next funding tier which would have added Linux support, additional weapons and additional arenas. Massive Black has said it "would need millions of dollars to fully realize Zombie Playground in all of the glory that it could be," but the $100K goal will help the game come to life on PC and Mac.

Zombie Playground began its existence as a painting by Massive Black artist Jason Chan, who originally painted "Zombie Playground" in 2009 as part of a contest on Massive Black, a concept art house that has contributed to dozens of video games and films, later attempted to turn Chan's concept into a full-fledged video game, the studio's first.

For more on the game's origins and ultimate vision, don't miss Polygon's extensive feature on the forthcoming Zombie Playground.

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