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'Haunt' is free for US Kinect owners until July 2nd

I ain't afraid of no ghost


XBLA game Haunt is available for free for a limited time.

Haunt, the latest XBLA title from the studio behind PaRappa the Rapper, is available to US Kinect owners for free until July 2nd.

Haunt is the first console game from developer NanaOn-Sha since the 2009 Wii release Major Minor's Majestic March. The Kinect-exclusive features exploration through a haunted house, including puzzle-solving and combat against ghosts.

Using Kinect, one hand is used to hold a flashlight while the other motions to do actions such as open doors or sarcophagi. Some areas of the game include free-roaming.

The game can only be accessed through the new "Kinect Central" homepage on the dashboard.

Haunt was released to XBLA on January 18th, 2012.

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