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Joe Danger Touch reimagines controls for touch screens, throttles toward iOS

"It's like a real console game, but on your iPhone."

joe danger touch
joe danger touch

Hello Games announced Joe Danger Touch, which is bound for IOs.

Joe Danger Touch will bring Hello Games' side-scrolling stunt racer to iOS this fall, with controls optimized for touch screens, according to a press release from the developer.

"This is a very different Joe Danger experience," said Sean Murray, Hello Games' managing director.

"It's a completely new game, with entirely unique mechanics. This isn't a dumbed down version, it stays true to the core arcade ideas of the original, with the same lovely aesthetics, solid framerate and tight controls. It's a console quality game in your hands".

To emphasize the new platform's effect on Joe Danger Touch's controls, Murray wrote on Hello Game's website that it "doesn't use one of those silly virtual joystick things." Instead, players will use finger-based gestures to control the titular stuntman, including swiping to pop wheelies, tapping to jump and waggling to fight sharks.

According to Murray, Joe Danger Touch took shape as a "super secret spare time project" and is a collaboration between Hello Games and Steve Burgess, designer for Frontier Developments' 2008 platformer LostWinds.

Joe Danger was released exclusively on PSN in 2010, but hopped to XBLA in 2011 as Joe Danger: Special Edition. Hello Games announced a console-bound sequel to Joe Danger, Joe Danger: The Movie, in 2011.

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