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'Team Fortress 2' and Adult Swim team up for 'Robot Chicken' hat

Of course it was a hat.

Team Fortress 2 - Robot Chicken
Team Fortress 2 - Robot Chicken

Team Fortress 2 x Adult Swim = Robot Chicken hat.

The mystery project that Valve and Adult Swim were working on together? It was a Robot Chicken-themed hat for Team Fortress 2, the Adult Swim web site revealed today. Yes, of course it was a hat.

The Adult Swim web site is giving away the "free limited-edition" Robot Chicken hat to anyone who signs up for the network's newsletter, which nets you a Steam promo code good for one brand new digital accessory.

A bit... anticlimactic, eh? Don't worry, Adult Swim says, because "this ain't the last you'll hear from Adult Swim and Valve." The partnership opens a new world of Team Fortress 2 headgear opportunities, including – and we're just spitballing here – a Dr. Steve Brule wig for the Medic, a Delocated ski mask for the Spy and maybe even a Van Dyke inspired by Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Frylock.

In more exciting news, Valve released "Meet The Pyro" earlier today.

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