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'Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes' confirmed for iOS and Android later this year

Wage war on mobile devices

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes
Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

The puzzle combat spin-off to the long-running series is coming to mobile platforms.

Might & Magic, the long-running RPG series, had some new life breathed into it back in 2009 with Capybara's Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Since then, the game has seen release on numerous platforms, but two more will be added later this year, as Clash of Heroes is coming to iOS and Android.

The announcement trailer for the mobile version seems to imply that not much will be changed with the Clash of Heroes formula. The game will still focus on puzzle-style battles, with soldier formations, both offensive and defensive, playing a key role to determine who wins each bout. Capybara's hand-drawn graphics will make the transition to mobile devices, as well, though the original developer won't be handling the port. Instead that honor goes to Tag Games.

No specific mobile platforms have been announced but iOS and Android versions are confirmed. We're still waiting to hear on a more specific release date and pricing info. Until then, you can imagine just how good this game will be on a touch screen by watching the announcement trailer.

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