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Square Enix employees paid more than Sony or Nintendo

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square enix
square enix

Square Enix employees are paid on average more than Sony or Nintendo, according to a new study.

Square Enix employees are the highest paid in the industry, according to Nensyu Lab's top salary chart.

As reported by Andriasang, the chart places employees of Square Enix at an average salary of ¥21.68 million, roughly $272,384.40. In comparison, Sony and Nintendo employees are paid ¥9.23 million and ¥9.14 million, respectively. This translates to roughly $116,232.40 and $115.099.10.

These figures are based on government filing, which means the average pay for Square Enix employees is likely not typical across all employees in the company.

In addition, Sega Sammy employees earn on average ¥8,220,000 ($103,486), Konami earns ¥6,780,000 ($85,371), Namco Bandai earns ¥6,400,000 ($80,577), Tecmo Koei earns ¥6,150,000 ($77,418), while Capcom employees earn ¥5,710,000 ($71,891).

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