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'Hero Academy' coming to Steam on August 8th

Unlock unique items for Team Fortress 2


Hero Academy is coming to Steam after a successful go on iOS devices.

Popular mobile strategy game Hero Academy is coming to Steam on August 8th, developer Robot Entertainment announced today.

Those who buy the game on Steam will unlock an exclusive heroic team that features mercenaries from Valve's Team Fortress 2. In addition, every heroic expansion team bought through the Steam version will unlock a unique cosmetic item in Team Fortress 2. Teams bought in either the iOS or the Steam version of Hero Academy will work on all platforms, while the game will launch on PC with two unique teams.

"Working with Valve on this major franchise and bringing their popular characters into our world is groundbreaking in the world of gaming. It marks the first time we've seen a major crossover of characters from the PC to mobile devices and from the first-person shooter genre to turned-based strategy," said Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson in a prepared statement. "It's a great testament to Valve as a visionary partner and their passion for giving gamers what they want."

Hero Academy is described as an asynchronous multiplayer tactics game in which users can challenge friends on Steam or iOS to one-on-one battles via online multiplayer.

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