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Blizzard's Gamescom 2012 lineup includes 'Mists of Pandaria' cinematic, demos, dancing

Blizzard is traveling to Gamescom 2012 this August.

Gamescom 2011 outdoors
Gamescom 2011 outdoors

Blizzard is bringing exclusives to Gamescom 2012, including the premiere of the World of Warcraft: Pandaria cinematic and hands-on with expansions.

Blizzard is traveling to Gamescom 2012 this August with a world premier "Mists of Pandaria" cinematic and hands-on demos of upcoming WoW and StarCraft expansions, the company announced in a press release today.

The World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria opening cinematic, which sets the stage for the fourth expansion in Blizzard's long-lived MMO, will premiere on August 16th, Gamescom's first public day. Visitors to Blizzard's booth can also play a Mists of Pandaria demo, which will feature the new monk character class.

On the Starcraft side of the ledger, attendees will be able to play a demo for the single-player campaign in the upcoming StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm expansion, in which players assume the role of series antagonist Kerrigan, Queen of Blades and leader of the zerg.

Blizzard's booth will feature other varieties of entertainment, including a live orchestra performing music from Blizzard games, guilds running World of Warcraft raids, competitive StarCraft 2 matches and, in a nod to the cosplay community, costume and dance competitions.

Gamescom, which runs from August 15th through August 19th this year in Cologne, Germany, is the world's largest entertainment trade fair.

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