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'Pikmin 3' announced for Wii U

"Pikmin" comes to the Wii U.


Nintendo announces new Pikmin title for Wii U.

At Nintendo's E3 press conference this morning, the company announced a brand new Pikmin game for the Wii U.

Pikmin 3 utilizes the enhanced resolution of the Wii U to show Pikmin in greater details. Pikmin can find objects to build bridges, and new animations make the Pikmin appear even more like tiny, live ants.

A new rock Pikmin was introduced. Rock Pikmin can break objects. The motion technology of the Wii U allows accurate positioning and throwing of Pikmin at enemies.

The tablet controller will always display the game's map, deepening strategies in placing and controlling your Pikmin. There can be up to four leaders and 100 Pikmin under player control at one time. The GamePad allows players to quickly check the status of and switch between leaders at a glance.

The conference began with a pre-recorded video showing Shigueru Miyamoto in his dressing room surrounded by tiny Pikmin. iyamoto donned his jacket and strolled down the hallway to the stage, a trail of Pikmin as his heels. After Miyamoto greeted the audience, the projectors screened images of the crowd with Pikmin sitting on their shoulders.

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