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'Just Dance 4' unveils Puppet Master mode, features dance customisation on Wii U

Pull those strings

Ubisoft's Just Dance 4 to feature Wii U exclusive mode called Puppet Master.

Just Dance 4 will offer dance customisation in the Wii U exclusive Puppet Master mode, Ubisoft announced today at the Nintendo E3 press conference.

For the first time, the Wii U allows up to 5-player gameplay in which four dancers are directed by a fifth player.

As shown during the presentation, the "puppet master" can use the Wii U tablet to choose between Jazzy, Funky, Crazy and Happy dance moves and choreograph dances on the fly. Dancers are challenged to hold certain poses for a short period of time as part of the routine.

Just Dance 4 will be release October 9 in North America.