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Wii Fit U shown at Nintendo's E3 press briefing

Nintendo reveals its latest fitness game.

Wii Fit U
Wii Fit U
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Nintendo reveals its latest fitness game.

At Nintendo's E3 press briefing this morning, the company showed the latest version of its popular Wii Fit series, and the first for Wii U. <i>Wii Fit U</i> will include new events as you would expect, and takes things one step further by letting players upload data from an external device; in the presentation, a woman uploaded data from a run into the system to sync up with her in-game stats.

A video in the presentation showed the same woman moving on the Wii Fit Balance Board to jump on a trampoline in the game, a man holding the Wii U controller in front of himself to simulate using a water gun, the same man leaning back while sitting/turning on the Balance Board to simulate riding in a bobsled, and the man doing squats using the screen on the Wii U controller while the woman watched normal television using the game's "off-screen" feature.

We don't know a release date for the game at this time.

Following the presentation, Nintendo showed additional mini-games on their live stream.Bobsledding

We see the dad sitting on a WiiFit Balance Board while his Mii bobsleds down a slick pipe. On the top right of the screen, the dad's balance point on the board is displayed along with the speed of the Mii bobsledder.

Trampoline Target

The mom, standing on the Balance Board, extends her legs quickly to make the Mii jump on the trampoline. The game is about timing -- extending your legs when the trampolinist lands -- and balance -- centering the jumper on the way down to the trampoline after a 1,000 foot bounce.

We see the Mii leaping towards the clouds, popping balloons and passing birds.

Dessert Course

Grandma stands on the WiiFit Balance board with the Wii U in her hands. She takes little steps, trying to keep the Wii U balanced. On screen, her Mii is a waitress, trying to deliver cakes in a fine dining establishment.

Body Test

The program manages a record of your fame's weight and BMI over time. The Wii U gamepad can also take pictures of you to collect over time. Results can be displayed solely on the Game Pad, keeping any embarrassing lack of progress off the family television.

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