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'Game & Wario' brings all-new irreverent mini-games to Wii U

Wario returns for more micro-gaming

Game & Wario
Game & Wario

Nintendo reveals Game & Wario, a new mini-game collection for Wii U.

Nintendo's less lovable mascot Wario will have a new game prepped for the launch window of the Wii U, Nintendo announced today. Game & Wario, a working title that softly puns on Nintendo's Game & Watch series, will give future Wii U owners a new sackful of mini-games – not micro-games, mind you – that span a variety of play styles.

Game & Wario focuses solely on using the Wii U GamePad for a collection of games that "retain the original flair and character" of the WarioWare series.

Among the games confirmed for Game & Wario include: "Arrow" which uses the GamePad as a high-tech bow and arrow to defeat an onslaught of swarming mustachioed enemies; "Ski" which uses the tilt features and screen of the GamePad to steer a skier downhill; "Shutter" which uses the GamePad like a camera to snap pictures of criminals hidden in a densely populated town; and "Fruit," a multiplayer game that sees one player using the GamePad to secretly swipe fruit scattered about town, with other players tasked with finding said banana grabber.

Game & Wario is being created by WarioWare developer Intelligent Systems for the Wii U "launch window."

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