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Next-gen Final Fantasy concept 'Agni's Philosophy' revealed

Final Fantasy next-gen
Final Fantasy next-gen

Square Enix's next gen Final Fantasy concept "Agni's Philosophy" revealed.

Square Enix has revealed "a real time technical demonstration movie that utilizes cutting edge game development technology," as seen through the lens of the Final Fantasy series. Dubbed "Agni's Philosophy", it's a stunning, action-packed video that offers another glimpse at the next-generation of video game graphics.

"Agni's Philosophy" is a demonstration of Square Enix's Luminous Studio, the engine the company is using to create "next generation quality games."

It's not the next Final Fantasy title, precisely – which would presumably be Final Fantasy XV – but a concept of what Square Enix might deliver on the next PlayStation, the next Xbox and future PC hardware. Square Enix points to the characters' "rich facial expressions, subtleties of their pupils and hair, and their brilliantly flowing garments" as highlights.

Square Enix says its next gen game engine is planned to support game consoles, PC, smartphones, and the web.

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