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'The Unfinished Swan's' second level is water-based

We get a brief glimpse of where the game goes after its opening white room.

The Unfinished Swan
The Unfinished Swan

We get a brief glimpse of where the game goes after its opening white room.

If you read Chris Plante's preview of The Unfinished Swan last month, you may recall that the game begins in a pure white room, and players find their way around by throwing ink blobs at the walls so they can see where they're going.

You may also remember that his story ended at the conclusion of the game's opening, at which point the development team teased that there would be many levels in the game, each using its own mechanic.

At E3 today, Giant Sparrow game designer Ben Esposito demonstrated a brief look at the second of those, where water blobs replace your paint blobs, and you can use them to light up dark rooms or — more importantly — make vines grow wherever you want, creating paths to climb.

Unlike the first area, this level doesn't start on a plain white canvas. Instead, it shows up as a light gray town square that has the same minimalist feel of the opening, but with a lot more happening around you. The level also introduces dark rooms where you use the water to create light splashes to show you where to go, as an inverted version of the black paint on white walls of the intro.

There's still plenty to figure out about the game, such as what the next mechanics will be, if you'll use them for more than navigation, etc. But naturally, Esposito doesn't want to talk to much about those details at this point since one of the game's main ideas is to surprise players and constantly show them new things. Which might mean I ruined it for you just a little by writing this story. Here's hoping not.

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