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E3 2012 brings 45,700 industry professionals to LA, announcing 'host-city' for 2013 soon

E3 2012 45,700 people strong

Mike McWhertor does E3
Mike McWhertor does E3

E3 2012 brings 45,700 industry professionals to LA.

E3 2012 brought 45,700 industry professionals to Los Angeles this week, netting the city nearly $40 million in revenue.

Exhibitors, industry analysts, journalists, and retailers from 103 countries took to the Los Angeles Convention Center in a massive display of the industry's upcoming titles and the latest global trends in gaming.

Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA, said, "E3 2012 focused and harnessed the passion, energy, and excitement for video games and propelled our industry into the global spotlight. Thanks to our members and exhibitors' remarkable vision, billions of consumers watched and learned about our industry and this incredible intersection of creativity, technology, and content."

E3 brought in 200 exhibitors from around the world and resulted in an estimated 30,000 hotel room nights. Over 300 buyers participated in the expo's VIP Retailer Program, a service that grants elite travel, concierge, and hosting services.

The ESA will announce the dates and "host-city" for E3 2013 in the coming weeks. Remember, the expo may leave Los Angeles next year if a proposed renovation to the Convention Center is approved.

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