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Team 17's 'Alien Breed' hitting iOS next month

alien breed
alien breed

Team 17's "Alien Breed" coming to iOS devices in August.

Alien Breed, the top-down sci-fi shooter from Worms studio Team 17, will release for third generation iOS devices and iPads next month, according to the studio's Facebook page.

The iOS port will include levels from Alien Breed and Alien Breed Special Edition '92, an expanded version which launched a year later. It will also contain a handful of new levels titled Alien Breed Convergence. Players can choose between the original graphics rendered for Amiga computers or graphics updated for the Retina Display.

While level difficulty won't be modified, players can purchase items from an in-game store to help them advance.

The original Alien Breed was released in 1991 on floppy disks for the Commodore Amiga. The games were unofficially based on the Aliens film franchise.

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