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'Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat' sequel comes to Kickstarter

Raising $180,000


Insurgency is back after five years and its studio is attempting to raise $180,000.

A campaign to raise money for the development and release of Insurgency 2, the sequel to the award-winning free-to-play Source mod Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, is now taking place on Kickstarter, developer New World Interactive announced.

The studio is attempting to raise $180,000 to develop the sequel to the five-year-old total conversion of Half Life 2.

"With more and more projects popping up, some feel Kickstarter is getting flooded. We see it as growing, and the projects needing to adapt to a both larger and wiser fan base," said Jeremy Blum, founder of New World Interactive.

"We've been listening to the community, playtesting daily and doing our best to make Insurgency 2 the FPS game we always wanted to play."

Insurgency 2 is said to feature gameplay similar to Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and Day of Defeat. In comparison to the original title, the sequel will feature smaller, more linear maps based on the technical specifications of the engine used.

When the original was released in 2007, it was downloaded over one million times in its first week. The game was set primarily in Iraq and allowed users to play as either the US Marines or The Insurgents.

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