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'Tiny Wings 2' is not a sequel, it's a free update to the original

Tiny Wings is back

Tiny Wings 2
Tiny Wings 2

Tiny Wings version 2.0 brings a new mode and improved graphics.

Tiny Wings 2, releasing worldwide on July 12, is not actually a sequel. Instead, it's a free update to the original game, more aptly called Tiny Wings 2.0.

Tiny Wings 2.0 will add a new racing mode (called Flight School) and Retina quality graphics for the original.

Speaking with TouchArcade, Andreas Illiger, the sole developer of Tiny Wings, said that he wanted to release a free update instead of a sequel "because then my fans will be happy on the release day when they see that the sequel isn't a seperate app and they will get it for free. I worked on the 2.0 version for the last 12 months and everyone told me I should make a seperate app out of it and sell it again (because it is almost a new game and I would earn a lot more money). It was a heavy decision for me to give away this new version for free but it feels right..."

In addition to the free iPhone update, an iPad-specific version called Tiny Wings HD will also be hitting the App Store on July 12. The HD version will have higher-quality graphics, a simultaneous, same-system racing mode for two players. Tiny Wings HD will sell for $2.99 while the iPhone version will remain at $.99.

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