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GameCircle bringing a Game Center-esque platform to Kindle Fire

kindle fire
kindle fire

GameCircle achievement and leaderboard tracker coming to Kindle Fire.

Amazon announced GameCircle, a service akin to Apple's Game Center, for Kindle Fire this morning.

Kindle gamers can now track achievements and check leaderboards without quitting out of their game. Games can also be saved directly to the cloud, allowing players to pick up a saved game on a different device or restore a deleted game.

Amazon has also released a series of APIs for developers to easily integrate GameCircle into their current games.

"We have received extremely positive feedback from developers on our recently launched In-App Purchasing API with its easy 1-Click purchasing, and now we're excited to add yet another reason to be a game developer for Kindle Fire," said vice president of apps and games at Amazon Paul Ryder. "The new GameCircle APIs mean that developers don't have to worry about building leaderboards, achievements or sync in their games - they can focus on the elements of their games that are truly unique while building an immersive, more entertaining experience on Kindle Fire."