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'Kid Icarus Uprising' gets its own trading card game

kid icarus uprising
kid icarus uprising

"Kid Icarus: Uprising" gets its own trading card game from card specialists Panini.

Sticker and trading card company Panini has released a trading card game based on Nintendo's Kid Icarus Uprising in Europe, the company announced this morning.

There are 404 cards to collect and some include special codes, presumably for unlocking bonus content for the 3DS game. A starter pack including a binder and three card packs is available for £5.99, whereas individual packs will set buyers back £1.50.

The game released in March this year and utilized special AR cards to unlock in-game content, score bonus life points, and watch pit characters against each other in virtual reality battles.

We have reached out to Nintendo to find out if the included codes on the cards will unlock content in Uprising. We'll update this story when we have more information.

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