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'Street Fighter x Tekken' coming to Vita on October 23rd

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sfxt vita
sfxt vita

"Street Fighter x Tekken" coming to PlayStation Vita on October 23rd.

Street Fighter x Tekken will get its long-awaited PlayStation Vita version on October 2nd in Europe, October 23rd in North America, and October 25th in Japan, Capcom announced today.

The game will support cross-functionality and data sharing with the PlayStation 3 and includes a roster of 55 characters.

In Japan, the game can be purchased via the PlayStation Network on its own or bundled with the PlayStation 3 character pack, which adds the Vita's exclusive characters to the PS3 version.The retail version comes with the PS3 character pack and an additional costume pack..

Street Fighter x Tekken released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in March of this year and on PC in May. An iOS version is planned for release later this summer.