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'Spartacus Legends' gladiator fighting game hits next year

Gallery Photo: 'Spartacus Legends' screenshots
Gallery Photo: 'Spartacus Legends' screenshots

"Spartacus Legends" fighting game based on the Spartacus television series set to release in early 2013.

Sparatcus Legends, a fighting game based on the television drama set in ancient Rome, is set to release in early 2013 from Ubisoft, the company announced today.

Spartacus Legends will allow players to fight as Spartacus and other gladiators from the series as well as customizable characters in off- and online multiplayer matches. Titular actor Liam McIntyre lent his voice and image to the game and has been present for feedback during development.

A demo of the game will be playing this week at San Diego Comic Con at the Starz Media booth.

The Spartacus franchise, a historical drama centered around the gladiator Spartacus and the slave rebellion against the ancient Roman Republic, has aired three seasons on the Starz network since 2010. A fourth season, titled War of of the Damned, will air early next year around the same time as Spartacus Legends.

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