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'Minecraft' Xbox 360 gets skin support, sheep-shearing tools tomorrow


'Minecraft" Xbox 360 patch 1.7.3. drops tomorrow.

Minecraft's Xbox 360 version is getting patch 1.7.3 tomorrow, according to PlayXBLA, and will include goodies like sheep-shearing tools and new textures as well as a few fixes.

The patch will include a bunch of new features:

  • The addition of pistons and sticky Pistons.
  • The addition of Shears to get wool from sheep and collect leaf blocks.
  • TNT now needs Flint and Steel or Redstone to detonate.
  • New textures have been added for Brick and Cobblestone.
  • Lighting improvements have been added from the 1.8.2 PC update.
  • Players can now self-ban from levels they feel contain inappropriate or offensive content.
  • All players will now receive a pop-up if someone tries to place lava near a respawn point.
  • A problem preventing some saved games from loading has been fixed.
  • Herobrine has been removed.

The patch will also support the use of new downloadable character skins, and a special DLC pack of 40 skins is on its way. The full list of features can be found on PlayXBLA.

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