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'Gothic 4' developer emerges from insolvency as Black Forest Games

Now with new funding

gothic 4
gothic 4

The Gothic 4 developer has returned from insolvency under a new name.

Spellbound Entertainment, the developer behind Arcania: Gothic 4, is emerging from insolvency under the new name Black Forest Games, it was announced today.

The new studio hopes to re-establish itself as "a leader in RPG and strategy games."

"Black Forest Games will add to the legacy of Spellbound Entertainment by empowering the core of the team to build an even greater company that is tuned to today's market opportunities," CEO Andreas Speer told Eurogamer.

"With the talent and IP we have internally, we know we'll again be recognised as a leader in the creation of games for the RPG and strategy genres."

40 of the original 65 member Spellbound team will be involved in the new studio, including key members of management and the creative team. Black Forest Games also has new funding following its insolvency filing in March.

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