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'The Secret World' gets new missions and a Marketplace on July 31st

tsw unleashed
tsw unleashed

"The Secret World" gets its first content update on July 31st.

The Secret World will get its first free content update, or Issue, on July 31st including seven new missions, a marketplace feature, and the addition of nightmare modes to two dungeons, Funcom announced today.

The first Issue, titled "Unleashed," begins what Funcom hopes to be monthly updates. The Ankh and Hell Fallen will get nightmare modes offering new obstacles, rewards, and the opportunity to test new builds. The Marketplace will allow players to buy, sell, and ship items, and Funcom says it will become an integral part of economical growth in The Secret World.

"Unleashed" will introduce six investigative missions and a hidden one players must discover for themselves:

  • "Carter Unleashed": Players must help Carter, a student at the Innsmouth Academy on Solomon Island, learn to control her powers while exploring the eerie hallway below the institution.
  • "Crime and Punishment": As a bestselling horror author settles into Solomon Island to write his newest novel, players must sift through his past works and a disgruntled fan's mind to uncover the island's darker history.
  • "Hell & Bach": Reporter Daniel Bach has been chasing a ghost for years in hopes to writing the perfect Pulitzer-winning story. Players will help Bach reach back in time to learn this ghost's secrets – including what sent him to the grave in the first place.
  • "Funeral Crasher": Eleanor Franklin lives alone in the mountains with her cats – and her ghosts. Players will have to determine what has happened to stir these ghosts to restlessness.
  • "The 3rd Age": Players begin in Egypt and spread across the world and into the past to solve a mystery almost as old as the world itself.
  • "Red Handed": A young doctor follows his father's footsteps in an attempt to solve the mystery of a huge facility beneath an empty region. Players will learn more about a secret genetic research project from the Soviet era and how it has affected the present.

This first Issue will also further construction in New York, Seoul, and London, making room for new tenants to move in. Funcom promises that Issue #2 is already in development.

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