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'Hawken' web series in development from Warner Premiere


"Hawken" web series coming from Warner Premiere.

Warner Premiere, the production company behind Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Aim High, plans to develop a web series based on Hawken, the futuristic mech shooter from Adhesive Games, the studio announced today.

Hawken, a free-to-play title with over 300,000 members already signed on to the closed beta, is set in a post-apocalyptic war in which humans are locked in a never-ending fight for survival. The web series will chronicle events leading up to humanity's competition for dwindling resources. The project will be produced by DJ2 Entertainment, Copper Media, and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

"We believe Hawken is a cutting-edge gaming franchise that lends itself to multiple platforms and we're very excited to work with Copper Media and DJ2 to develop it into a top-flight digital series," said executive vice president and general manager of Warner Premiere Eva Davis.

DJ2 Entertainment secured the rights for a film adaptation of Hawken in August 2011. The game won a Polygon Editor's Choice Award at E3 2012 and will release on December 12 for PC.

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