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'Hawken' publisher announces Ouya support as Ouya CEO posts update

"A crowd sourced, open, indie, free to play console?! Count Meteor in!" Meteor CEO Mark Long

Ouya controller
Ouya controller

Hawken developer Meteor Entertainment will be developing for Ouya.

Hawken publisher Meteor Entertainment will be developing for Ouya, the company's CEO Mark Long announced today on Twitter. Developed by Adhesive Games using Unreal Engine 3, a scaled back version of the upcoming free-to-play mech shooter could conceivably run on the Ouya's Tegra 3 processor, which supports the game engine, though Long's tweet is short on details.

Meanwhile, in the second update to the fledgling console's Kickstarter page, Boxer8 CEO Julie Uhrman posted updates on several aspects of the project, including a meeting with the nVidia, the company that will supply Ouya's Tegra 3 processor.

"We spent yesterday with nVidia talking about our chips," she wrote. "The team is great and their support has been incredible. They're working side by side with us, and they'll help us maximize the performance of the Tegra 3 chipset we're using."

Uhrman also announced that her team is considering adding symbols to the controller's buttons and allowing developers to get a head start on development with the Ouya's raw circuit board. To further aid developers, they've also increased the limits on the $699 Developer Special and $1337 Elite Developer Special tiers on Kickstarter from 200 donor limits to 600 and 400, respectively.

Be sure to read Polygon's recent report on Ouya's meteoric rise for more information and the challenges that the console faces.

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