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'Machinarium' point-and-click adventure game is coming to PS Vita

Coming to a PS Vita near you


Machinarium is coming to the PS Vita according to a listing on the ESRB ratings website.

Machinarium, the popular indie point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design, is coming to the PS Vita, according to a recently spotted listing on the official ESRB ratings website.

The modern adventure game follows a down-and-out robot attempting to rescue his girlfriend within a point-and-click 2D setting and features numerous puzzles as well as an impressive hand-drawn art style.

The title was first released to PC in 2009, followed later by versions for iOS and Android. Machinarium is also headed to PSN, according to its developer.

We have reached out to Sony and will update the story when new information is available.

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