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World Poker Tour and Transgaming bring poker to your television

Play your cards right


Play poker through your television without a games console thanks to this recent partnership between Transgaming and World Poker Tour.

TransGaming, the largest distributor of games for Smart TV set-top-boxes, announced today an exclusive deal with World Poker Tour to design an interactive poker game for the GameTree TV platform which is launching this fall.

This will allow players to use the TV as a poker table, while their mobile devices will show cards and chips.The title will also support multi-player gameplay to mirror World Poker Tour television series. In addition users can expect to see a replica of the famous World Poker Tour stage, original voice overs from 17 of the show's on-air personalities, as well as a micro-transaction system that allows players to purchase chips and other products.

TransGaming purchased the interactive TV division of Oberon earlier this year and currently has the rights to franchises ranging from Hasbro to World Poker Tour.

A game demo will be ready by August 1st, and the game will be available commercially from TV service operators by the end of September.

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