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'Age of Empires' co-creator forms mobile gaming studio

Big name going mobile

Age of Empires
Age of Empires
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PeopleFun, formed by Tony Goodman, will focus on games for iOS and Android platforms.

Tony Goodman, one of the creators of Age of Empires, has launched a new mobile gaming company called PeopleFun.

PeopleFun, revealed earlier today in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat, will begin small, with just a team of six focusing on creating games for iOS and Android platforms.

"I created PeopleFun to get back to the magic of a small, super-luminescent creative team," said Goodman.

Joining him at his new venture is John Boog-Scott, the co-founder of Ensemble Studios (the team behind the Age of Empires franchise) and Angelo Laudon, the lead programmer of the Age of Empires engine.

After Ensemble closed in 2009, Goodman found success with Robot Entertainment, which released titles like Orcs Must Die! and the mobile-centric Hero Academy. The popularity of Hero Academy will undoubtedly inform Goodman's decisions as he transitions over to PeopleFun.

PeopleFun's first project remains a secret at the moment, but we're likely to be hearing much more from them in the coming months.

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