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'Metro: Last Light' video trudges through post-apocalyptic Moscow

Presented without a HUD for maximum immersion.

metro last light welcome to moscow
metro last light welcome to moscow

Metro: Last Light's "Welcome to Moscow" is featured in a 13-minute video that debuted on YouTube today.

Metro: Last Light's "Welcome to Moscow" level takes center stage in a 13-minute video that debuted today on the YouTube channel for 4A Games' post-apocolaptic FPS.

The new video highlights the contrast between light and dark in a dusty, brown wasteland. In the level, which we first saw during E3 when a THQ representative actively rooted for it to instill nightmares, mutant surface-dewllers plague two survivors amidst a barrage of environmental hazards like rain and fire.

"In this sequence, Artyom is forced into an alliance with the young Red Line officer named Pavel as they attempt to cross the hostile surface of post-apocalyptic Moscow in a bid to reach the relative safety of the legendary station city, The Theatre," according to a spokesperson for publisher THQ.

Metro: Last Light is the followup to 2009's Metro 2033 and is scheduled for release in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. You can watch the rain, bugs, and blood smear across Artyom's visor, all presented without a HUD below for maximum immersion.