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'Hero Academy' integration of 'Team Fortress 2' detailed

Robot Entertainment teams up with Valve

Hero Academy TF2
Hero Academy TF2

Robot Entertainment has released details on the Team Fortress 2 team coming to Hero Academy.

Hero Academy developer Robot Entertainment today released details and screenshots of the Team Fortress 2 team that will debut in the upcoming Steam version of the popular iOS game.

The TF2 team will initially be exclusive to the Steam version, but will be unlocked for play in the mobile game once a player has purchased the title on Steam. In addition to a TF2-themed playing field based on the game's "Well" capture-the-flag map, the Steam title includes TF2 avatars for Hero Academy. Any previously released expansion team that is purchased in the Steam version will unlock a cosmetic item based on that team in TF2.

Since the TF2 team offers nine characters, it doesn't have as many bonus items as typical Hero Academy squads. Each of the nine team members brings a special dimension to Hero Academy. The Spy is cloaked; the Scout moves quickly; the Sniper's rifle can target anyone in his row; the Medic can heal and revive teammates; the Engineer can upgrade others' weapons; the Heavy's minigun is an area-of-effect attack; the Pyro can hit even cloaked Spies; the Demoman's grenades have splash damage; and the Soldier's rockets are not to be trifled with.

Hero Academy is set to launch on Steam on August 8th, 2012. Screenshots of the Steam version are available in the gallery below, along with images of the Hero Academy-inspired TF2 cosmetic items.

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