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'Borderlands 2' features a 58-hour long campaign

'It's a hobby.' Gearbox marketing VP Steve Gibson

Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 has a nearly 60-hour long campaign

Borderlands 2 will feature a 58-hour long campaign, based on a recent playthrough with one of the four playable characters available in the game, developer Gearbox Software confirms.

Speaking to Gamerzines, Gearbox marketing VP Steve Gibson reasoned the length is due to the studio's perception of Borderlands as "a hobby."

"Some guide guys just did a playthrough of Borderlands 2 and they reported back to us that it takes 58 hours to play through the campaign - and that's just one playthrough with one character.

"We look at it as a hobby, and that isn't even counting the new Badass Points system and how that'll affect every character you do. We want it to feel like you get more for your money. We're happy for people to pay their money once and feel that they get ongoing value."

Gearbox Software stated the sequel would also focus on improved framerate and stability, as well as a total count of unique enemies in the triple digits, earlier in May.

Borderlands 2 is slated to release September 18th in North America on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

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