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Lionhead Studios veterans join Turbulenz to build HTML 5 titles

'I want millions of people to play my games.' Rob Wyle, Turbulenz

fable journey
fable journey

Former Lionhead Studios veterans leave for Turbulenz, a UK-based HTML5 developer.

Lionhead Studios veterans Adam Langridge, Rob Wyle, and Chris Matthew, formerly of the Fable: The Journey development team, are now developing for UK-based Turbulenz to create new games in HTML 5.

Rob Wyle will now take on the position of senior designer, while Chris Matthews and Adam Langridge join Turbulenz as software engineers and senior engineer, respectively.

Speaking to, Wyle stated he hopes to bring "a certain amount of next-gen gaming to the biggest audience possible."

"I want millions of people to play my games, and HTML5 is device agnostic - as long as you've got a device with a browser you can play the game that we put out there."

While debate over the success of HTML5 for games development is rampant, it is said to offer connectivity across any devices that can support a browser, and allows for quality assurance tests to be tackled quickly. According to Langridge, "It's the difference between compiling code and just hitting refresh in your browser.

"We get ten times more stabs at getting things right every day, so in the first few weeks of making our new game we've had as much progress as we could have expected in two months in console development."

Turbulenz is described as an "empowering game creation and publishing platform that allows developers to rapidly create, publish and monetise a new generation of browser games online." The company was founded in early 2009 by a group of former directors and programmers from EA.

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