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'Darksiders 2' video details a customizable Death

'Darksiders 2' includes loot, skill trees, leveling up, and a big world to explore.

darksiders 2 video
darksiders 2 video

A new Darksiders 2 video offers a behind the scenes look at the many faces of Death.

Darksiders 2 received a video today that offers a behind the scenes look at the many faces of Death, Vigil Games' horseman protagonist, and how players can customize their character.

The video focuses on how Vigil expanded the size and scope of the original Darksiders, both in terms of geography and player customizations. Darksiders 2 will include a variety of weapon types and armor, both of which have aesthetic and tactical aspects that allow death Death to look and fight in unique combinations.

Alongside the new roster of weapons, Darksiders 2 also introduces a skill tree, which is bisected between Necromancer skills for spell-casters and Harbinger skills for players who’d prefer to keep their hands grasping weapons.

"Our original vision for Darksiders was pretty grand, and we weren’t able to execute on that fully in Darksiders 1," said Vigil Games’ producer Ryan Stefanelli. "But [in] Darksiders 2, a lot of the stuff we really wanted to have in there like loot, like skill trees, leveling up, a big world that you could explore at your leisure, getting new abilities that allow you to then see more of that world — we get to do a lot of that in Darksiders 2, and we’re really excited about it."

Darksiders 2 is scheduled for release on August 14th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can watch the video below to learn the many mighty ways Death dispatches everything in his path.