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'Fez' creator Phil Fish developing two new games

Phil Fish goes to Barcelona


Fez creator developing two new games.

Phil Fish, the man behind indie darling Fez, is working on two new games, he announced in a speech during the Gamelab 2012 conference in Barcelona.

"I'm working on two games with friends," he told the audience on Friday at the event.

The independent games developer added that one of the titles was being developed prior to the release of critical hit Fez.

"I started working on one of them during the development of Fez, but I had to leave to focus on finishing Fez," he told the crowd.

However following the effort behind the development of Fez he states he still must deliberate over which of the two projects will become his focus.

"It is difficult to decide which game you are going to be dedicated to, it may be something that will occupy many years of your life."

Fez released last April on Xbox Live Arcade. Polygon awarded the game an 8 out of 10 by reviews editor Arthur Gies who called it "the most authentic exploration of the NES-era of games I've ever played."

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