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'Heroes of Newerth' now offers all playable heroes for free

Refunds offered on recent hero purchases

Heroes of Newerth
Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth is finally really free to play, with heroes available at no cost.

Heroes of Newerth, the award-winning multiplayer online battle arena game published and developed by S2 games, is now fully free-to-play since todays launch of All Heroes Free which makes the roster of playable heroes available at no cost from now on.

In comparison, the game previously featured a microtransaction model in which a pool of 16 free characters would rotate weekly, alongside the options to purchase individual heroes for both in-game and real-world currency.

"As gamers, we all know that games are more fun to play with friends, and All Heroes Free will make it easier for players to bring their friends to the game," said Heroes of Newerth Director Pu Liu. "This new model will also level the eSports playing field, as all players will be able to build their skills and advance their strategies with any hero they choose."

In addition, all users who purchased a hero within 15 days prior to today's All Heroes Free launch will receive a refund. Users who purchased a hero with real-world currency will also receive an exclusive Mecha Gemini robot avatar. Legacy players will receive this avatar on top of additional rewards earned every match.

S2 Games is also in the process of introducing a new game mode, Gated Mode, which will offer a more controlled environment to train.

Heroes of Newerth released in 2010 before adopting its previous microtransaction form of free-to-play a year later.

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