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'FIFA 13' may exclude Rangers FC following real-life relegation

Soccer woes for Rangers FC

Gallery Photo: 'FIFA 13' screenshots
Gallery Photo: 'FIFA 13' screenshots

Rangers FC may not be included in the future FIFA 13 roster following relegation in real life.

The inclusion of Rangers FC in the upcoming FIFA 13 is under threat following the club's real-life bankruptcy and relegation to the Scottish Third Division which is not included within the game.

EA is currently contemplating solutions, including placing Rangers into FIFA 13's 'other teams section.' Alternatively, it may pursue a separate licensing agreement that will still allow the team to remain in-game.

"We have a licensing agreement with the Scottish Premier League," an EA spokesperson told The Independent. "We have discussed the league structure with them and we will take their direction regarding the 12th club.

"Fifa 13 will be in retail stores beginning September 28 [in Europe] - after the start of the SPL season - so we have the flexibility to align with the authentic league structure.

"As far as Glasgow Rangers are concerned, we have not made a decision at this time on whether we will pursue a separate licensing agreement to include them in FIFA 13."

A decision is expected to be made in due course, with the game's launch due September 25th in North America. FIFA 13 will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and later Wii U. Handheld versions will be made available for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Xperia Play, and PSP.

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