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'Street Fighter X Tekken' DLC delayed on Steam until next week

"We deeply apologize for the delay..."

Street Fighter X Tekken
Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter x Tekken's DLC was delayed on Steam today due to an "unforeseen error."

Street Fighter X Tekken's DLC was delayed on Steam today due to an "unforeseen error" but should be available next week, a representative from publisher Capcom announced today on the Capcom-Unity blog.

"To those who have been eagerly awaiting today's DLC release for Street Fighter X Tekken on Games for Windows Live and Steam, it is our unfortunate duty to report a bit of bad news," community liaison GregaMan wrote. "While the GFWL DLC is in fact now live, an unforeseen error with the Valve submission process has caused a delay on Steam, preventing a timely release of the DLC on that service.

"The ETA for the Steam version is now early next week. We deeply apologize for the delay, and ask for the continued patience of Steam users while we work through this error. Thank you all."

The DLC was scheduled to launch simultaneously for Games for Windows Live and Steam with a combination of paid and free content, including a "replay analyzer, gem capacity expansion and extra colors, as well as a deluge of new gems and alternate costumes for all released characters," according to a previous post on Capcom-Unity.

The downloadable content for PC is not to be confused with the add-on pack that will add 12 new characters and is scheduled for release on consoles on July 31st. Capcom estimates those additional characters will be released on PC two months later.

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