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'Diablo 3' exploit makes wizards invincible in five easy steps

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God Mode activated

Diablo 3
Diablo 3

Wizards in Diablo 3 can be made invincible with simple exploit

A Diablo 3 exploit that reportedly turns wizards invincible was discovered by one user and is now detailed on the forum, Kotaku reports.

The exploit is said to render a number of effects inactive; however, it can be used in all difficulty modes. As described by a Diablo 3 user, this makeshift God Mode can be recreated in five steps:

"Step 1: Select Teleport - Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your charcter
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon"

Blizzard is yet to take action, but a fix is likely to appear shortly due to how this will affect the game's Real Money Auction House.

Last week the studio acknowledged "further issues" and bugs could still crop up in the game despite the number of patches and fixes applied so far.