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'Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings' closed beta announced

arena kings
arena kings

Demiurge Studios has announced a closed beta for online deathmatch "Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings."

Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings, a free-to-play follow-up to 2D shooter Shoot Many Robots, has gone into closed beta on Steam, Demiurge Studios announced today.

Arena Kings throws players into online multiplayer deathmatches in which they must destroy each other to earn crowns. Players can utilize the familiar arsenal from Shoot Many Robots and complete challenges to earn upgrades. Weekly updates are contoured to address player feedback, and interested gamers can sign up at the game's website for beta keys.

"We're taking our favorite parts of Shoot Many Robots and stirring in PvP competition and gameplay that's constantly evolving," says lead designer Will Jennings in a press release. "It's like a big tasty vegetarian stew with lots of guns in it, but also alive and mutating and fighting other soups."