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'MechWarrior Online' Caustic Valley video brings the heat

Steer clear of the volcano.

mechwarrior online caustic valley
mechwarrior online caustic valley

MechWarrior Online, the upcoming free-to-play MMO, will feature a map called Caustic Valley, which is detailed in a video released today.

MechWarrior Online, the upcoming free-to-play MMO from developer Piranha Games, will feature a scorching hot map called Caustic Valley, according to a video released today.

The aplty-named valley, nestled uncomfortably close to a volcano, poses an elemental challenge for mechanical combatants. Mechs will run hotter and heat will disburse slower in haze of Caustic Valley, posing a particular challenge to larger mechs.

The video includes tips on how to avoid the hottest areas of the map (hint: steer clear of the volcano) and reveals that ballistic weapons, which generate less overall heat, possess a natural advantage. Mech pilots can also can use heat to their advantage. The valley's high temperatures make it possible to hide a mech from detection among the heat signatures given off by objects in the unforgiving environment.

MechWarrior Online is scheduled to launch August 7th on PC in a closed beta for paying "Founders Program" members. Piranha expects to unleash their mechs to the public later this year.

You can watch the video though the haze below.