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'Diablo 3' always-on DRM targeted by German consumer advocacy group

A courtroom on the horizon

German consumer advocacy group is taking Diablo 3 to task with an ulta matum.

Diablo 3 is in the midst of more controversy over its always-on digital rights management policy following complaints from one German consumer advocacy group demanding the studio responds to user issues with the game's server structure by July 27th.

As of now Diablo 3 is still causing difficulties for German users who cannot play the game effectively, CinemaBlend reports.

The Federation of Consumer Organizations previously gave the games studio until July 20th to repackage the title to more clearly state the game requires a persistant Internet connection, adding that users should be warned of all possible shortcomings of a purchased product which may not function as intended.

If Blizzard does not respond by July 27th, the consumer advocacy group plans to pursue the company in court.

Earlier in the year, South Korea's fair trade commission launched an investigation into the Seoul office of Blizzard over the studio's refund policy for Diablo 3, leading to a raid of its offices.

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