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'Diablo 3' invincibility exploit is on Blizzard's radar, hotfix to be rolled out

Blizzard is on the case

Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor
Diablo 3 - Witch Doctor

Blizzard is on the case following an exploit found in Diablo 3 that makes Wizards invincible.

Blizzard is in the process of rolling out a hotfix that will put an end to an exploit which made Diablo 3's Wizard class invulnerable, according to a post on the official forums.

"We are currently rolling out a hotfix for a recent bug regarding invulnerable Wizards," reads the post.

"We will continue to carefully monitor this issue and welcome anyone with information about bugs or hacks to submit a detailed report to our Hacks Team by emailing, or by completing the Hacks Report web form. In your correspondence, please include any steps necessary to replicate the issue as well as any additional details you are able to provide."

We have contacted Blizzard for further information on whether this exploit affected Diablo 3's Real Money Auction House and if the studio will take action against those who made use of the exploit.

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