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'Diablo 3' users dig up new Barbarian exploit for health regeneration

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diablo 3
diablo 3

Another exploit has been found in Diablo 3 which allows a constant drip of health to heal Barbarians.

Diablo 3 users today discovered a new in-game exploit that regenerates the health of the Barbarians class, according to a series of posts on

Users can trigger the exploit by performing a Furious Charge with a Dreadnought rune at Cydaea, a minor boss in the Arreat Crater of Act III, prior to her cut scene. Following this, the game will perceive all movement into enemies as a Furious Charge which both deals damage and gives the user life.

The Dreadnought rune grants an eight percent life leech for each target hit with the charge, despite not having to trigger the charge again following the cut scene. This exploit functions on all difficulty settings.

Yesterday users discovered a five-step exploit which turns the Wizard class invincible; however, Blizzard today acknowledged a hotfix is underway.

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