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'Quantum Conundrum' DLC puzzle packs are on the way

quantum conundrum
quantum conundrum

"Quantum Conundrum" is getting two DLC puzzle packs.

Quantum Conundrum will get hours of additional puzzle-solving with two incoming DLC packs, publisher Square Enix announced today.

The first pack, called "The Desmond Debacle," throws players into an unexplored wing of the Quadwrangle Manor in which they must solve brain-teasers from Desmond the drinking bird. The pack will arrive on Steam on July 31st for $2.99, PlayStation Network on August 14th for $2.99, and Xbox Live on August 15th for 240 Microsoft Points.

The second DLC "IKE-aramba!" features another mysterious wing of the manor, asking players to cross yawning chasms to rescue the professor's beloved critter, IKE. The pack comes to Steam on August 28th, PSN September 11th, and XBLA September 12th. The prices will be the same as the previous DLC pack.

Players who purchased a Quantum Conundrum Season Pass on Steam will get both DLC for free.

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