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'Haunting Ground' rated by ESRB for PS3

Capcom's 'Haunting Ground' follows Fiona and her dog Hewie.

haunting ground
haunting ground

Haunting Ground has been rated by the ESRB and may be heading to the PlayStation 3.

Haunting Ground, a PlayStation 2-era survival horror game staring a girl and her dog, has been rated by the ESRB and may be heading the the PlayStation 3.

Originally released in 2005, Capcom's Haunting Ground follows heroine Fiona and her German Shepherd Hewie as they work together to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and attempt to escape from a haunted castle. Haunting Ground's original website is still very much alive, and contains not only information about the game but a refresher on early 21st century streaming video.

Haunting Ground's rerelease would fit comfortably with Capcom's recent remake announcements, including Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, which will bundle two 90s-era fighters together on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this September, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which will get the HD treatment on PSN August 22nd.

It's unclear whether Haunting Ground would receive the full HD treatment or be released as a PS2 Classic, as Capcom's God Hand and Maximo: Ghosts to Glory were in North America. We've contacted Capcom and will update the story as more information becomes available.

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